Wondering what Lions have done near you? Here are a few highlights.

Agincourt Recreation Centre

31 Glen Watford Drive, Toronto

A gift from the Agincourt Lions Club made the Agincourt Recreation Centre possible.

The Agincourt facilities let people swim, skate, dance, play hockey, and conduct other meetings and sessions. One room upstairs is reserved for use by Lions.

Photo of Agincourt Recreation Centre

Agincourt Recreation Centre

 Birchmount Community Centre

93 Birchmount Road, Toronto

The Scarborough Central Lions Club gifted property to the city so that the Birchmount Community Centre could be built. The two-storey building (at the bottom in the photo below) houses a large indoor pool and general purpose rooms.

And work continues. The City of Toronto is adding a new double gym, improving the pool viewing area, and adding a new multi-purpose room.

The 2nd floor room atop the round tower at the building’s east end continues to house the Scarborough Central Lions Club.

Aerial view of Birchmount Park Community Centre

Birchmount Park Community Centre

Burlington Lions Hall

471 Pearl Street, Burlington

The Burlington Lions Hall is an attractive feature near the Burlington lakefront. The hall is available to rent. Lions and other community groups use the space.

The Burlington Lions Club, chartered in 1925, continues good work as they approach their second century of service.

Photo of Burlington Lions Hall

Burlington Lions Hall

Dundas Lions Memorial Community Centre

10 Market Street South, Dundas

Once an armory, the Dundas Lions Memorial Community Centre now offers programming in various sports.

The Dundas Lions Club stays active with lots of fun activities.

Photo of the Dundas Lions Memorial Community Centre, formerly an armory

Dundas Lions Memorial Community Centre

Freelton Lions Villa

390 Freelton Road, Freelton

Freelton Lions were part of a team that turned an old one-room schoolhouse into a retirement villa.

Phto from street of Freelton Lions Villa

Freelton Lions Villa

Photo of Freelton Lions Villa

Freelton Lions Villa

Freelton Lions Ice Pad

170 Freelton Road, Freelton

Just opened in 2016! The Freelton Lions Club opened an outdoor ice pad just down the road from their villa.

Photo of Freelton Lions Outdoor Rink and two Lions

Freelton Lions Outdoor Rink, with Lion Ken Henderson and Lion Randy Dowling

Heron Park Community Centre

292 Manse Road, Toronto

The West Hill Lions Club received its charter in 1944. In its early days, it acquired land at the corner of Lawrence Avenue East and Manse Road. Lions were instrumental in building the community centre that once stood there. Years later, the West Hill – Highland Creek Lions Club turned over the property to the City of Toronto so that a bigger, better community centre could be built. Today, the Heron Park Community Centre has a baseball diamond, outdoor swimming pool. The new community centre houses two hockey rinks, a gym, and general purpose space. The West Hill – Highland Creek Lions Club still meets there.

Photo of Heron Park Community Centre from the road

Heron Park Community Centre

Weston Lions Park

2125 Lawrence Avenue West, Toronto

The 7.4 hectare Weston Lions Park features two ball diamonds, a skateboard park, courts for basketball and tennis, and more. The property also houses Weston Lions Arena. The Weston Lions Club remains active in operating the facilities.

Photo of Weston Lions Arena, situated in Weston Lions Park

Weston Lions Arena