Providing a meal to food-insecure people is the signature project of the Scarborough Cedarbrae Golden Mile Lions Club. On our club’s limited* budget, we buy groceries and prepare meals.

COVID-19 forced significant reductions to Out of the Cold (OOTC), our partner program. With OOTC, we supplied a hot meal in the evening, and a takeaway breakfast. Clients could sleep indoors in an auditorium. COVID stopped that, of course.

Our club continues to work with Agincourt Community Services Association (ACSA) to help where we can. Under COVID-19’s ominous presence, ACSA can accept only bagged lunches. Meals are now cold, limited to sandwiches, salads and fruit. Last spring, we were able to assemble sandwiches, juice & water, and some fruit and granola bars for 40 people. Social distance meant the work was all done in one home.

March 2023 will be our fourth meal service. We’re hoping for a fifth in April.

We are feeling a little safer now. Our members take necessary precautions. We’ll meet together to make and pack the lunches. Then we’ll drop them at ACSA, where they will track down our mutual clients.

We are looking forward to the day when we can once again meet our clients over a hot meal. Until then, we serve as we are able. 

* If you would like to help us feed food insecure members of our community, either financially or hands-on, please contact us at