Providing a meal to food-insecure people is becoming the signature project of the Scarborough Cedabrae Golden Mile Lions Club.

COVID-19 forced significant reductions to the Out of the Cold program.

Our club continues to work with Agincourt Community Services Association (ACSA) to help where we can. On our club’s limited* budget, we buy groceries and prepare meals. 2021 marked the third year we were able to serve.

Under COVID-19’s ominous presence, ACSA can accept only bagged lunches.

This spring, we were able to assemble sandwiches, juice & water, and some fruit and granola bars for 40 people.

Staying socially distant means that the prep work is done by a single family from our club – one to do the planning, shopping and prep; one to do the heavy lifting; and one to manage delivery.

We are looking forward to the day when we can once again meet our clients over a hot meal. Until then, we serve as we are able. 

* If you would like to help us feed food insecure members of our community, either financially or hands-on, please contact us at