Our fundraiser is (kind of) free for you!

Right now, our fundraising will help our Lions Club provide meals for marginally housed community members. Some people have to choose between rent and food. We want to help them. I think you do too. With your support, we will be able to provide a few hundred meals.

And it’s really simple.

When you buy a gift card from us at face value, the vendor sends us a commission.

Real world example: You get a $25 gift card for $25.

That’s the whole deal. You buy a $50 Loblaw’s gift card for $50 through us. We get a percentage. You buy a $25 Tim Hortons card for $25 from us. We get a percentage.

I’ve been using these cards since the club started this fundraiser. It works smoothly wherever I go – Tim’s, McD’s, Metro, Shell, Loblaws, Amazon, ….

Paul M

How could that be easier? You’re going to spend the money anyway.

This is great. Almost all my Christmas shopping is done!

Alex F

Pro tip: gift cards make great gifts. (That’s why they’re called “gift cards!”)

The list of participating vendors spans the country. Make sure you use the selector to choose your province.

You can order your gift cards:

Trouble ordering? Call or email us.