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Lions 101 – structure of the organization

At some point in a new Lion’s first few months, an orientation session should be provided to answer some of the typical newbie questions and provide background info. Our district has been pushing hard on this in the last few… Continue Reading →

Your shopping drives our fundraising!

Our newest fundraiser is kind of free! PDF order form Order online All retailers Trouble ordering? Call or email. Contact info at right. When you buy a gift card from us at face value, the vendor sends us a commission…. Continue Reading →

More meals for hungry people

Providing a meal to food-insecure people is becoming the signature project of the Scarborough Cedabrae Golden Mile Lions Club. COVID-19 forced significant reductions to the Out of the Cold program. Our club continues to work with Agincourt Community Services Association… Continue Reading →

Feeding hungry people – 2020

Last year, we started a new club project. In partnership with the Out Of The Cold program, we planned, prepared and served dozens of meals to marginally housed guests. We liked doing it. Helping other people feels good. We were… Continue Reading →

Scouts Food Drive

We were happy to partner with the 2nd Highland Creek Scouting Group on their November Food Drive. Over 7800 pounds of food were collected in the Centennial community in southeast Scarborough! That food went to the Scarborough Centre for Healthy… Continue Reading →

Car wash

On June 15, 2019, drop by Jack Goodlad Community Centre and get your car washed! From 10:00am to 3:00pm, we will be working with the Navy League Cadet Corps – Prince of Wales on a car wash fundraiser. You can… Continue Reading →

Feeding hungry people

  Wherever you go, people are hungry. So we decided to help a little bit. In April, 2019, the Scarborough Cedarbrae Golden Mile Lions Club planned, prepared and served dinner for about 70 marginally housed guests. We worked with the… Continue Reading →

Rising from the ashes

There was a big fire. It lasted for a couple of this winter’s coldest days and nights. When it was over, the meeting place shared by a half dozen Lions clubs had no roof. (CBC stories with fire still burning,… Continue Reading →

Catch the Ace 2018

Catch the Ace is an exciting progressive raffle (FAQ). The raffle continues with weekly ticket sales until somebody: wins the weekly draw, and selects the envelope with the Ace of Spades. From each week’s ticket sales, 20% goes into a… Continue Reading →

Cure cancer while you sleep

Grid computing is a powerful tool that allows researchers to vastly speed up their calculations, and get results in months instead of years. Join me, and hundreds of thousands of others who volunteer their computer’s idle time to research efforts… Continue Reading →

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